RWA Breakfasts FAQ

Ricky’s is now serving pork items on it’s breakfast menu from animals that have been raised without any antibiotics or added antibiotics or added hormones and are Western Canadian farm-raised and vegetable grain-fed.

Is Your RWA Program About Beef?

Ricky’s RWA initiative IS ONLY about PORK. It relates only to bacon, ham, sausages and chorizo – and these are all pork products that we serve for breakfast.

Does Ricky’s Import Its Pork?

All of our pork is from Western Canadian farms – we do not import any pork products.

Does Ricky’s Import Its Beef?

Ricky’s serves Alberta beef. WE DO NOT IMPORT OUR BEEF,  and have no intention of doing so. We are working with our Canadian suppliers though, and hope to have RWA beef – raised in Canada – as an option at some point in the future.

What Happens When a Pig Gets Sick?

If an animal is sick and requires antibiotics, it will be treated and then moved to the general population and not considered “Raised without Antibiotics”.  We choose pork products from animals raised without antibiotics.

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